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Veiw From A Recent Visit
We at The Misfits Angel Network Inc. consider our team to be both fortunate and blessed as we have many faces who contribute and assist our efforts on a daily basis. We are thankful for each and every contribution and contributor.

We have had the good fortune of witnessing a tireless core team of  campaigners, volunteers, and fundraisers.

To all those who have walked the streets alongside us to feed the hungry, to those who have contributed funds, prepared the meals, assembled the care packs, raised awareness, donated much needed supplies clothes and hope, we celebrate you. For you are the backbone of this organization. We could not do what we do without you.

Unfortunately, the battle we face continues to grow as poverty takes its toll on our neighbors without residence. We continue to look to our supporters who offer hope for a brighter tomorrow for those in need. We also vow continue to open our minds and hearts to all ideas that would raise awareness or help in our relief efforts.

The Misfit Angels Family also prides itself in Our Dylan Thomas Project. Through the support of volunteers we have been able to grant funds to children who have a passion for the arts. Children who needed a little extra support to continue to spread their wings through following the passion of their gift.

To those who have made a difference to our littles by supporting the Dylan Thomas Project for children of the arts we Thank You. The Smiles go for miles when a little gets to travel the road to their dreams.

Our organization is 100% volunteer, allowing all contribution to be distributed to those in need. If you or someone you know wishes to contribute or volunteer, please let us know. We would be more then grateful to include you in our journey to a hopeful tomorrow.

Contact us for more infomation   [email protected]

  1. Joan Aponte
    Chairman of The Board Co-Founder
    Joan is the inspiration behind the Misfit Angels. She is the champion of many and an activist for all acts kindness. She directs our daily activities and efforts to aid the homeless communities in and around the tri state area. Joan is a retired manager for sales and distribution.
  2. Chris Balka
    President and Co-Founder
    Key support role for the Angels back of house operations. Directs media and website design. Director of the Dylan Thomas Project and the awards for children in the Arts. Supports our efforts to aid the homeless on a daily basis. Chris is currently a distribution center manager.
  3. Autumn Aponte
    Autumn brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Autumn is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, who hold her masters in education. Currently she is active in the day to day operation of all aspects of the Misfit Angels with a focus on raising funds and awareness. Autumn is currently a school teacher in an urban area.
  4. Elisa "Nikki" Balka
    Nikki performs the duties of the treasurer of the Misfits Angels. As such she utilizes her business background to manage and pool our resources. She is active in days to day operations with a particular focus on the Dylan Thomas Project. Nikki currently is a Director for a local gymnastic school.